If You Think English is Difficult Try Mandarin

A year ago, my Chinese speaking skills were not very good. I’m actually American Chinese (some people like to call it ABC), but at home I spoke to my parents in a different Chinese dialect. He was neither Cantonese nor Mandarin. Thus, even as someone who could speak a little Chinese, I still felt like a stranger when I was in any Chinatown of the world.

Every Saturday and sometimes Sunday, Chinese parents forced their children to attend a Chinese or Cantonese language school for several hours. I decided to try again, but as an adult. However, nothing worked for me. Due to the lack of consistent communication in Chinese on a daily basis (or at least 5 days a week), it was very difficult for me to feel more comfortable with the language.

A colleague then recommended an online course called eChineseLearning. I took a look at it and noticed a few interesting things:

  • Classes are offered in the afternoon after work, 5 days a week.
  • Skype is used for video and voice interaction with the teacher.
  • Classes 1 to 1
  • The teachers are native Chinese speakers from Beijing!

After a few days, I decided to sign up for a trial lesson to see what it was like. I have to say … I was very impressed! You could say that these teachers were well trained. They all speak English, but only use it when needed. To learn Chinese you must use it; and this is how these teachers teach!

While some people are interested in embarking on this new goal, finding good and suitable training stations takes effort and money. Time is also an important factor when planning to learn Chinese online or offline. Some people may travel to China to learn and fully understand the language, although for many it can be quite expensive. In this case, learning Chinese online can give you the same learning opportunity minus the huge costs and inconveniences of long travel. Virtual meeting rooms are also equipped with highly efficient applications.

Online Chinese lessons are also taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers. You can choose between individual training and group lessons. Another great advantage of learning a language over the Internet is to do it from the comfort of your own home. Students are usually not under pressure and can attend classes online anytime and at their own pace. Learning Chinese in mandarin classes for adults singapore is a sure success for people with extremely busy schedules. These lessons can be easily organized according to the timetable of students and professionals. Learning a language opens up many possibilities.

My last test was when I went to Taipei earlier this year in June. After a year of intensive study, I learned to speak Mandarin quite naturally; but of course this is limited to my vocabulary. The locals were very impressed that it sounded like a native speaker given that I only attended classes for a year.