Are You Looking for Employment in the Interior Design Field?

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If you have an eye for detail but are also creative, then you may have the natural leanings toward working in the field of interior design. Naturally, it also helps to have the education and experience required to realise success in this industry.

Some of the Basic Requirements

The job responsibilities of an interior designer involve spatial skills and IT expertise. Not only must a designer perform space planning for clients, he or she must also be willing to work as part of a team. Designers must demonstrate that they can produce a conceptual design or construction rendering, either by hand or with the aid of technology.

Software Programmes

Some of the required IT skills include the ability to work with 3D Studio Max, Photoshop or Illustrator, 2D AutoCAD, or Microsoft Office. Designers who apply for a large majority of the jobs in Singapore must also have at least three years working experience in the field. Interior designers must also be knowledgeable in project management and be able to demonstrate that they are good leaders. An ideal candidate will also have good presentation skills.

Where Jobs Are Advertised

If you are currently embarking on a search for interior design job in Malaysia, you will find that many of the positions that are listed require 3D design skills. Employment is available in such locations as Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, and Petaling Jaya.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Senior Designer?

If you are interested in planning, designing, and furnishing interiors for residential, industrial, or commercial customers, then you will find many positions requiring the skills of a senior design specialist. Applicants vying for this position must demonstrate competence in sketching designs and must be able to work own their own. They should also exhibit strong leadership and communication skills, particularly with peers, clients, and managers.

Some of the Key Responsibilities

Key responsibilities of this type of position include the ability to obtain details about a design project and discuss the requirements with clients. The applicant must also be able to determine and set project schedules.

Designers Need to Have a Good Rapport

Understanding the needs of a client is helpful in developing design ideas and establishing and finalising briefs. Job candidates should also be able to review materials and costs in accordance with established budgets. They should be accustomed to negotiating project fees as well.

Job Prerequisites

Designers who have reached senior status should also be able to produce “mood” boards for presentation as well as be able to source products and samples for their clientele. Preparing detailed work drawings, including 3D images, is part of the job too, along with an ability to render models and schemes using CAD software.

Senior interior designers often work with a team of other design specialists and must supervise the design work. They must also work closely with quantity surveyors in order to establish work schedules and costs on projects that are larger in scale. Working with architects to determine the optimum use of space is also a typical requirement for this type of job assignment.