Why You Should Consider Chemical Engineering

Posted On By Laura

First, you must understand the importance of engineering in general as the men and women currently in the field are the people behind nearly every piece of technology used daily. These experts are the driving force behind new and innovative changes to the world and they are constantly working to improve life and simplify the methods by which people enjoy their daily activities. By considering chemical engineering, you not only provide yourself with a reliable skill with which you can build a lucrative career but you could do some real good for the community and even the world at large.

Although it may sound far-fetched to think that one chemical engineer could do something as big as improve life around the world, you will have a real hand in the changes that happen each year. Engineers are the driving force behind the most complex processes of the world and they are directly and indirectly responsible for the human race’s extended lifespan and quality of life. By choosing this career and taking a comprehensive course, you could very well be the hand that turns the world’s technology in an entirely new direction.


In order to begin schooling in this sector of engineering, there are a number of chemical engineering course requirements to consider. First, you must have a minimum of three passes with UCAS point of 240, including mathematics and physics/chemistry/biology. You must also have three principal STPM passes with a grade C and grade point of 2.0 or higher as well as five Bs in UEC.

Finally, you must have a CGPA of 2.00 or Pass in foundation of Science/Engineering as well as 60% for both SAM and CPU. Once you meet these requirements, you can focus solely on building your knowledge and practical application of chemical engineering. While all of these may seem intimidating, such requirements are actually quite fair and easily obtained with dedication and clever study.

Growing Demand

Once you take and then complete your courses, expect to come into a career choice with many opportunities available. Chemical engineers are in constant demand and this demand has expanded with new technologies both currently in use and in development. Unlike other professions that may eventually be deemed obsolete with the invention of improved technology, chemical engineers are the driving force behind those inventions and will thus always be important cogs in the machine of progress.


A chemical engineering degree could very well make your life better in every aspect, especially if you love your work and the good you do for others. The job satisfaction behind this degree is higher than nearly any other position, in part due to the fact you must truly love the work to put the effort into courses. This is not something that just anyone can achieve and you are part of a special group of like-minded individuals with the intelligence and experience to make a real difference in the world.

Your work could improve nutrition and health, increase social mobility, provide better light and warmth, reduce the cost of production, decrease environmental impacts, and much more. It is due to the hard work of chemical engineers and others in the field that you have this world of technology. You could put your fingerprint on the future with this career choice.