What Parents Should Know When teaching Their Kids Touch Typing

Typing, it’s an action word (verb) and its also a skill. It’s a skill that most mid adults have learned late in their lives. And the proof of that is, not all people are touch typers. While that is not exactly bad, but it does help a lot if you’re a touch typer since it makes work easy and faster. While the skill is always open for everyone to learn, not all people are willing to. But now that your kid’s generation is more inclined to technology unlike back in the day, it’s better that they learn how to type properly.

While the main goal is about touch typing is typing skills, there are plenty of good habits that kids get from practicing how to type. It helps them have a good hand position and they can also develop good posture. These things might not look like much when they are younger but as they grow older these things will go a long way as far as health is concerned. When teaching your kids how to type, below are some good tips that you should know about.

Accuracy vs speed: Speed might be nice, but accuracy is much better (although having both won’t be that bad either). You see accuracy is quality. It’s refinement at its best, don’t pressure your kid to type fast, pressure them to do it right everytime. Anyway as they go along and they keep on doing it they will become better and better at it and being fast will just be second nature to them so don’t worry about it.

Boy And Girl Using Desktop Pc In School Computer Lab

Practice makes perfect: What you should know is that each kid has their own learning curves, not all kids will learn the same way as other kids do. While it’s bad to compare your kids to other kids, it’s important to note that practice makes perfect. Typing is a skill and even if you’re that smart you won’t refine your skill overnight, it does take time. Just let them do typing tasks and eventually, they will be good at it. Repetition is the key.

Let them learn to take breaks: The body has a limit, and kids don’t know that. They think that they are invincible, and it’s up to you to teach them that the body needs a break, the body needs to rest, the body needs sustenance, the body needs to stretch and so on.

Give praise when it’s due: If your kid did do a good job or not, if they tried their best praise them, encourage them when needed. Don’t be greedy with rewards as well as long as they deserved it. This will motivate your kid to do typing lessons more.

Typing is a skill, it’s not going to be learned overnight but overtime it will as long as you keep right at it. If you’re teaching your kids how to properly type to eventually become a touch typer then do consider that quality is everything and speed will come secondary, teach them that the body needs a breather and give praise when it’s due. If you’re are looking for a good place to Learn to type – Kidstyping, check out kidstyping.org for more details.