Unearth New Opportunities with an Online MBA in Operations

It’s estimated that 70% of MBA graduates all over the world are board directors or senior managers. Due to their qualifications, graduates of an MBA programmed have higher chances of obtaining and holding a high-level management position.

If you’re unable to physically attend classes for any reason, you can still reap the benefits of an MBA by enrolling in an online course. For example, Bharathidasan University offers online learning via Avagmah—an app tailored to meet distance learning needs.

If you opt for an online MBA in Operations, learning how to plan, organize, and supervise in production, manufacturing, or provision of services will be your main focus. Pursuing this course can unearth a lot of opportunities for you career-wise.

An online MBA in Operations can have a huge impact on your career. It can pave the way to many worthwhile, enriching careers. The opportunities that open up to you when you complete a management concepts subject include promising careers in the fields of logistics planning, inventory or supply chain management and business consultation.

With an MBA in Operations you may work as:

A Supply Chain Head

A supply chain manager—also known as a purchasing agent, purchasing manager, or buyer—buys goods and services for the business or organization that hires them—all for the cheapest price out there. He or she may also analyze the buying preferences of customers. So, one who works in this area should know all there is to know about their suppliers as well as the multitude of contributions that may affect operations.

A Logistics Head

The manager for logistics works with marketing, purchasing, and manufacturing departments to maintain and manage those supply chains. They are also in charge of creating certain strategies for the purpose of distribution, as well as maintaining and creating ties with intermediaries for logistics.

A Consultant

If you choose to work as a consultant, you’ll probably be working with a company that hires you to improve angles related to operations, which are associated with management of supply chain and logistics. You may, for example, use the concept of strategic planning to implement changes to the operations of the organization. Part of your job might also include assisting clients in implementing a knowledge base, using ideal tools and logistical processes to grow their profitability.

An Inventory Control Head

Working as a manager for inventory control means that it’s your job to perfect, create, and implement plans that cut costs which are associated with the inventory. They should, at the same time, however, align with your customer’s service expectations. You may also need to oversee the processes that are in place for inventory management, which include physical and actual inventory processes.

Chasing after a mathematical statistics subject like an MBA in Operations is sure to unearth many novel and exciting career opportunities. Whether a supply chain manager, a logistics manager, a consultant, or an inventory control manager, you’re sure to find something that’s productive and valuable to your future.