The Quickest & Easiest Way to Study in Cyprus

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Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and a really popular tourist destination; it’s the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite and holds a colossal range of cultural heritage. With over three hundred days of sunshine a year and a summer stretching from May to October, Cyprus could be simply the right place for abroad studies. Besides its stunning appearance, Cyprus is additionally turning into a centre of education within the region with the assistance of investments from giant international organizations.

Why Study in Cyprus?

TheĀ Study in Cyprus can provide you with an international education of fine quality at a cost that is not too expensive. You’ll make friends from different nations in whichever of the Cyprian universities you select to attend. As Cyprus is located at the junction of Africa, Asia, and Europe it has experienced many various cultures through time.

Coming to Cyprus, you’ll notice an enormous variety of cultural influences, most returning from the near countries of Greece and Turkey. The folk music is comparable to the one of Greece, with stunning violins and penny whistles.

Food inspiration comes from France, Italy, and Turkey, however, one may see Anglo-Saxon influences because of the occupation of the island. Halloumi is simply the internationally famous delicacies originating from Cyprus. This national cheese is served fresh, deep-fried or grilled as an appetizer. The Cypriot wine business ranks thirty-seventh in the world and is an important contributor to the Cypriot economy with the Commandaria wine being most famous.

Cyprian Educational System

Pre-Primary education in Cyprus is accessible for kids over the age of 3; it lasts for one year and is obligatory before coming into the elementary school. The primary school then lasts for six years. At the age of twelve, Cypriots enter Secondary General Education which supplies a broad knowledge base education with a range of extracurricular activities. Students could attend Technical education and vocational training to go directly into the working life or proceed to further studies.

The official languages of Cyprus are Turkish and Greek, but English is also widely spoken because the country was once a British colony. In fact, English is the language of instruction in several of the higher education institutes in Cyprus, particularly within the private Universities.

Higher Education in Cyprus

Higher education in Cyprus is provided in both public and private establishments and therefore the system is under constant development. The Department of Higher Education in Cyprus has taken massive measures to extend funding, analysis, and interest for higher education opening more state universities. It conjointly established a Council of Academic Evaluation & Accreditation that aims to keep a good level of education in Cyprus and certify the infrastructure and instrumentality live up to those standards. Since Cyprus became a member of the EU in 2004, the role of higher education within the country has increased even more and therefore the universities have opened its doors to international students.

How to Study in Cyprus?

If you are an EU resident, getting admission here gets easier. But you will need entry clearance issued by the Cyprus Diplomatic Mission in your home country if you are from outside of the EU to enter and study in Cyprus.

Before arriving here, international students must need to bring:

  • Original Passport which should be valid for at least one year from the day of entry into Cyprus
  • Visa or entry clearance
  • Letter of Approval from the chosen institution
  • Original Academic Certificates
  • Original proof from the bank for the paying of the academic fees and receipt from the college against the fees paid for admission
  • Money for the accommodation and living expenses

Upon arrival in Cyprus, the immigration officer will evoke your fingerprints in addition to the documents. It’s suggested that you countercheck these procedures with the Embassy of Cyprus in your country before departing to enter Cyprus.

If you want to know anything about the admission and immigration procedure of Cyprus, contact ISA Migrations.