Techniques to ace IIT-JEE Questions

Posted On By Laura

The JEE Mains, one of the most sought after exams in the country, is a platform to showcase where you rank when compared to the best students in the country. Being the portal for an admission into any of the IIT’s, NIT’s or Central Funded Technical Institutes, claiming to clear the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced is not an easy undertaking. With the seriousness of the exam known to every aspiring engineer, it is imperative to have few tips and tricks up your sleeve in case you wish to outperform the competition. Let us discuss a few techniques which I’m sure can help you to ace the IIT-JEE.

  1. Build up a strong foundation: Having a strong foundation is just as crucial as completing the JEE Syllabus. Since the IIT-JEE is known for their harder-than-ordinary types of questions, having your basics covered will help you solve the questions much quicker. Once you have the basics covered, even if you do not how a question is to be solved, you will be able to make a rational attempt at it.
  2. Practice makes perfect: Even if you have the whole syllabus covered, you do need to get yourself assessed. Practicing on sample papers will get you an idea of how far you’ve reached to completing your goal of clearing the IIT-JEE. This will also help you get accustomed to the exam style and will help you to accordingly change your study plan to optimize your time.
  3. Time Management: Managing time is one universal advice applicable to any scenario in life. In the case of the IIT-JEE, figure out where your strong points are and accordingly spend more time on where you need the extra attention. Plan ahead rather than just going for a JEE Crash Course during the last month. Prepare yourself, as clearing the IIT-JEE cannot be kept second to something as it requires quite a bit of your time and dedication.
  4. Do it for yourself and no one else: Most of the candidates appearing for the exam, appear for the exam under pressure from their peers and family. But understand that acing this exam will benefit you the most, not them, having this in mind will help you stay focussed on the task at hand. A good college, a good placement and a good future lies ahead for you if you set your sights on the IIT-JEE.

Here we have listed out some basic ideas which you should set your sights on to get you onto the right track to ace your JEE 2018 exam. Be sure to have your eyes on the prize and manage your time accordingly. Check out this YouTube channel offering a different approach to solving JEE problems –