International Host Family Program-Life Long Bonds

Posted On By Laura

International Host Family Program welcomes thousands of students from around the World annually. Dedicated to the education of students from abroad to discover the meaning of a “True American”,  and the American way of life, International Host Family Program students begin to discover for themselves the values of freedom that so many have given their lives for. While many misconceptions about living in the United States runs abundant in distant nations, International Host Family Program students will be able to see for themselves what a great country the United States truly is. Throughout speculation and tribulations that the United States have endured for centuries, International Host Family Program students will begin to recognize the true American Way.

International Host Family Programs allow students to be an integral part of a typical American Family and the daily lives that make up their own individual existence. Bringing a new way of culture and understanding to all parties involved, students from abroad are introduced into a new way of life, with new daily discoveries that may have not been possible in their native country. Often said:” Learning throughout life never ends”, so too does the learning process continue in sharing of cultures from distant lands, without additional fore- thought or provocation. Sharing is caring and the International Host Family Program allows students a very unique experience never thought possible due to boundaries that remained for centuries.

International Host Family Program students are curious in nature. Surrounded by years of speculated news and controversy regarding the United States, International Host Family Program students are presented with actual representation of facts leaving the student to arrive at his or her own conclusion. Living in a distant land far from friends and family can be and often is a very alluring fantasy however International Host Family Students receive constant funnels of information while living in the United States of which some may be difficult to understand without further interpretation. Sharing learning experiences with descriptions of their native family and country, International Host Family Program extended families learn enriched perspectives through the eyes of the exchange student, methodically generating the beginning of a life- long bond.

International Host Family Program students are carefully screened to ensure they are placed with the appropriate family in the United States. The same holds true of students from the United States that are traveling abroad to live with distant families. Not all applicants wishing to be foreign exchange students will meet the criteria set forth by individual placement organizations. There remains numerous websites across the Internet specializing in placement of foreign exchange students both within and outside of the United States. With an experience of a lifetime surrounded by cultural exchange and the establishment of relationships that will surpass all time, the International Host Family Program remains ever vigilant in bringing families together that were once separated by thousands of miles, establishing a better understanding of distant relations with life-long bonds.