Image Consultant Training and How to Get Started

Posted On By Laura

Working as an image consultant has become a good career choice. An image consultant helps a person present their best image to the world by making recommendations from wardrobe, body language, to hair and makeup, to communication skills, and etiquette. The old school of thought is that only celebrities and public figure need to use the services of an image consultant, however this is not true. Anyone can use their advice and improve the way they look and perform in their respective career industries. However it is important to obtain image consultant training and gain experience before you commence working as an image consultant.

Generally most choose this career path if they have an eye for style and fashion. And establishing a career path to become an image consultant is achievedby having proper training, experience, and exposure to set you up for success in this industry.

Consider Taking an Online or In-Class Course

The best way to learn the ins and outs of image consultancy is to take an online course. Thereare many short coursesthat provide certification as an image consultant. Keep in mind that you cannot find degree programs to become a consultant.  Howeverthere are workshops and training courses that may last up to 12 weeks to two yearonline in some cases.Or there are short courses may attend in person that last 3 – 7 days.  Depending on the curriculum you would like to focus on and your ambition and motivation level, these short courses will be enough for you tobegin your career as an image consultant.

It is important to find an image consultant training course that helps you learn skills you will require during image consultancy. For instance, the course should offer information and training related to marketing, communications, and other related fields.  You should be able to develop a better understanding of color theory, which is going to help you find the best shades of makeup, hair, and clothing for your clients. Similarly, the course should touch on some psychological aspects to help you be in a better position to understand your client’s emotions and behavior.

Provided that you have found a good course, you will be able to have the foundation to start your career. Moreover, some of these comprehensive courses are equally beneficial for fashion industry professionals who already know the basics but want to polish their styling skills.

The fact of the matter is that working as an image consultant can be a lucrative business if you know how to start and where to go to receive formal image consultant training. How much experience you have also plays a role here. Even if there is no degree program currently available in your local area, be sure to sharpen your skills by taking online or traveling to the best image consultant courses available worldwide. The time you spend perfecting your skills will help you advertise your services better.