Co-Ed Private Schools-Learn Together

Posted On By Laura

Coed private schools have been a topic of controversy for many years, with each having their own respective advantages. Parents of students entering into private and co-ed private schools have many factors to consider however the ultimate and final decision should and often does rest with the individual who will be attending. Although same-sex private schools may be advantageous in some respects, co-ed private schools continue to rank high as a means for a formal education while teaching and interaction of social skills that may not be prevalent in a single-sex private school.

Co-ed private schools were at once considered scandalous. By 1910 the United States had over 1,083 colleges with exclusively 27% for men only and 15% for women. In the same respect, only 1.3% of women was awarded degrees in Business Administration or associated degrees. Women attempting to enter private Ivy League schools prior to 1910 were scorned and ridiculed however where time changes history and beliefs, the prominence of women seeking higher education and equality gained momentum with Ivy League schools changing to private co-ed schools.

Co-ed private schools are based on the belief and actual preparation for the World that lies and waits beyond the classroom walls. With the vast majority of Colleges today being co-ed, learning how to interact with the opposite sex in a co-ed environment while attending a private school has proven to be advantageous for both female and male students. Learning and working together in a co-ed private school enriches lives without distractions or altercations that often occur in a federally funded, more traditional college environment. Students in co-ed private schools have strict guidelines that must be adhered to at all times in lieu of disciplinary including suspension or permanent termination. With increased moral values and greater than before awareness of respect towards all, students at co-ed private schools continue to excel beyond classroom attendance.

Co-ed private schools resemble all girls or all boys’ private schools in many ways with some very distinct differences. Dress codes are strictly enforced with girls wearing traditional skirts and blouses with neckties, in some specialized schools, with boys’ attire to be slacks, white shirts and neckties as well. Although dress codes vary from school to school as well as colors, private co-ed schools adhere to a stringent dress code with no tolerance for wearing of “street clothes” with plunging necklines or ragged, tattered denims.

Co-ed private schools stress the importance of education with individualized learning. Removing gender biases once associated with above average intelligence of a particular group, co-ed private schools allow students to excel above and beyond all previously set expectations at a peace that is suited for each individual student. Where learning and the preparation of college admission is of greater or equal value, co-ed private schools resemble the “real” outside World preparing their students for the lives that currently await them. Building valuable relationships that will last a lifetime students enrolled in co-ed private schools learn together.