Clearing Made Easy

What is known as “clearing,”provides you with the opportunity to be considered by universities for entry. If you have not acquired any offers from universities that you applied to, or if you have seen on results day that you didn’t obtain the grades which were deemed necessary, UCAS Clearing is the next chance you will have of acquiring a place at university.

For a number of students, Clearing will only be available after their results have been released and if they haven’t attained the entry criteria for their chosen course. Clearing is also available for those students who may have already gotten their results and are not yet taking up an offer from a university. If you happen to apply to university for entry at the right time you will be automatically entered into Clearing.

What You Should Do to Succeed

Firstly, you must find a university which is ready to accept you and the best way of carrying this through is by checking out their website or by making a call to a university and inform them of what you would like to do, such as humanities clearing 2017. In nearly all cases, if they have the vacancies, they will take down your credentials and let you know straight away or very soon afterwards.

Some valuable points that you should know and not forget if you find it necessary to use Clearing:

  • Get yourself prepared beforehand – Even if you believe that you’ve acquired the results you wished for, you should always have a back-up plan ahead of results day. Write down the details of other courses and universities that you may wish to attend in a 1 – 5 order.
  • Don’t hang around until 17 August – Although A level results day happens to be on the 17 August, if you’ve been studying other qualifications, Clearing will start as soon as you get your results in July. Some international students will perhaps have acquired their results already in July, so don’t while away the time.
  • Ensure that you are around – Make sure to be there and then later on you can go on that trip down to Southern France later on! Getting the timing right is of the most importance.
  • Don’t be negative! – Whatever you do, don’t get stressed out. Stay positive and do your best to take everything as it comes.
  • Keep your radar on the UCAS Track – Should you become acceptable for Clearing, the ‘Add Clearing choice’ button will become ready for use.
  • Stay flexible –Think about combining your course with another one.
  • Make the call yourself – Any university will be a lot more impressed if you earnestly ring them, and they will be more than likely to offer you a place.
  • Remember – There will be vacancies that aren’t featured in the official listings. These are normally taken within hours, so try to make the call ASAP if you see somewhere that you want to go to!

And don’t forget – it’s not the end of the world!