Becoming a Welder: A Good Career Choice

Becoming a Welder A Good Career Choice

A lot of people had different career choice, career path and career faith in life. Some are destined to be a doctor, while some are teacher. Some are also destined to be an online web developer, while some builds, designs buildings and become a welder.

People have different choices and interest, if your career choice is to be become a welder, for sure you have a lot of questions inside your head that are hungry for answers. Today’s blog post, we will talk about how is it beneficial to become a welder, what are the welding careers and salaries you can get to survive day to day living.

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What Does a Welder do 

Becoming a welder opens a wide career path for you. They are considered as highly knowledgeable and skilled tradesmen because of their skills in conceptualizing, designing, creating and building everything in the most nicest and firmest quality ever.

To put it short, they are the skilled tradesman who specializes in joining metals. They work with brass, steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Becoming a welder also opens a lot of opportunity for you. You can work in different working environment. Such as in shipyards, manufacturing, building construction, the automobile industry, and even crafting. You, as a welder, will also have a part in building aircraft and bridges as well.

welding careers and salaries

Duties of a Welder 

Basically, people depend on the goods and products the welders produce that is why you, as a welder, must produce goods that are strong, firm, reliable and stable. The accuracy and dependability of a welder’s work is most likely essential to public safety.

Some of the duties that you as a welder will do are:

  • Properly positioning, securing, and restraining metal and metals parts with clips or clamps,
  • Lighting flame sources,
  • Using the flame in the welding area,
  • Carefully controlling and monitoring the flame and the materials being welded to ensure that the proper temperature is maintained,
  • Evaluating the final weld to ensure that it is properly completed and safe to use, and
  • Maintaining the welding equipment by cleaning it after use and storing it.

A Certified Welder Salary 

Basically, an average salary for a welder is $40,970 per year. And it is on an hourly average wage at $19.70 per hour.

Welders who have earned higher certifications and have years of experience may earn up to $47,919. So to put in short, it will depend on the type of certification you have.

Though, the average national salary starts at $38,353.

And it will also depend on the area you are in… some of the areas and with their equivalent salaries are down below.

  • Tennessee- $35,553
  • Texas- $38,813
  • Utah- $36,359
  • Vermont- $37,851
  • Virginia- $38,468
  • Washington- $41,958
  • West Virginia- $34,978
  • Wisconsin- $38,161
  • Wyoming- $34,901

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