A guide to choosing Uni Accommodation for Students in Solent

Posted On By Laura

Choosing the right student accommodation in Solent can be a little tricky if you are a new student. Sometimes returning students also finds it challenging to get a new place. Although some Universities and colleges provide student accommodation, it is often somewhat expensive or competitive to acquire. Most times you hear the accommodation office telling students they are out of space. It is however the responsibility of the student to look for where to stay either on campus or off campus – just somewhere that is not too far to lecture halls. Choosing the right Uni accommodation for students in Solent shouldn’t be as difficult as most people think it should. You can make the process a lot easier by following the points presented in this guide.

Get some contacts

Your first point of contact as a student looking for accommodation in Solent is of course the University website. If for some reason you are unable to find any accommodation there, you have to consider looking elsewhere for answers. Consider checking the student union/representative page on the school website. Doing so will give you access to other students who are in the same position, probably looking for accommodation. You can contact them and ask for suggestions or you can simply read their posts to get ideas on which landlords to contact or things like the location of available spaces for students in Solent.

Look for flexible contracts

After contacting the landlord or University accommodation office – regardless of which one you get eventually. You will be required to sign some kind of contract – you need to check the contract thoroughly to ensure that it is flexible enough. Some landlords or accommodation offices can give you 6 months contract as the least contract duration. Although some landlords might not agree to this, it all depends on how long you wish to stay. Some students stick to the accommodation provided by the University accommodation office for the shortest possible time, then look for accommodation off campus, which is often cheaper.

Check if you can sublet

Most students are more comfortable if they can stay with their friends in the same room. This is something you need to check i.e. you should verify if the landlord will allow your friends to sublet, after giving you the accommodation. This is also a perfect way to save some money since your friends will simply pay you to live with you.

Know if the cost has other bills included

When choosing student accommodation in Solent, you need to realize that some landlords basically exclude bills such as broadband internet and gas from the contract. So it is your responsibility to check the contract thoroughly and ask questions when you don’t understand any part of it. Choosing a contract that has all the bills included makes things a lot easier because you don’t have to worry about dealing with the Internet Service Provider all the time or even the gas company.